Every healthcare practice has a Revenue Cycle Complexity Black Hole


How much of your time and resources is it consuming?

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Ascend Solutions can help transform your in-house billing team into the most powerful business intelligence data source in your practice.


Every healthcare practice has a Revenue Cycle Complexity Black Hole. Proportionate to its size, it will reduce revenue, inflate AR,  waste team member time and raise the cost of every administrative function in a practice. It reduces profitability and the ability to scale and worst of all, reduces the value of the healthcare business. The good news is you are one simple change away from being able to quantify everything that feeds it and proactively reduce its impact on any healthcare practice.


Successful Revenue Cycle Management outcome depends on creating balance between billing process time demand and billing process time supply. It is the medical biller vs. everyone and everything! Practice Data Solutions provides the medical biller with the platform to convert their experience to data that can be used to reduce time demand.

Which would you rather do: add more billers to an inefficient process or increase efficiency by reducing unnecessary billing process time demands?

The most effective solutions to today’s challenges address and change the root causes.


· Billing Efficiency Rating

· Detailed Time By Task Data

· Capture all Billing Time Inflators

· Structural

· Operational

· Capture all Revenue Risks

· Payer Complexity Scores

· Collaborative Data – Align all Team Members

· Invest Seconds – Change Everything!

Practice Data Solutions “PDS”

The Tool

At Ascend Solutions we have built the tool and related process to measure the size and impact of any practice’s Revenue Cycle Complexity Black Hole. The tool is called Practice Data Solutions, and it is the most innovative new tool in revenue cycle management. When used, PDS can transform the billing process from back office tasks to mission critical business intelligence data generator!

Every practice has a billing function (in-house or outsourced)


• Your billing team is affected by every revenue cycle system and function (internal and external to the practice).

• Revenue cycle processes are commonly performed in isolated functional silos.

• Revenue Cycle Complexity data exists in disconnected pieces from multiple sources.

• Convert your billing team into a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Complexity data source.

• Practice Data Solutions data unifies the entire Revenue Cycle team around common objectives.

• Invest Seconds – Change Everything! Every billing process time inflator and revenue risk can be captured a series of 3-5 second time investments.

Better Data

Combine detailed time by task, time inflation data, and raw data from your billing software to create new analytics and powerful actionable insights to transform your practice.

Better Process

Improving process starts with quantifying its present effectiveness. PDS data provides actionable intelligence on every revenue cycle function enabling process optimization with alignment of objectives for all revenue cycle processes.

Better Outcome

All revenue cycles have the same objectives: collect 100% of what the practice structure allows, minimize claim time in AR and accomplish the first 2 as cost effectively as possible. Billing process efficiency is the most critical metric to measure and track over time. Only PDS quantifies every billing process efficiency killer.

Better Practice

Better data drives process optimization which in turn assures better outcomes. The right data facilitates team collaboration and integrates and aligns the entire RCM team around common objectives. This rare condition maximizes the value of your practice and provides the practice owner with time freedom.


Millions of claims tell us where we should be focused

The best data is like a mirror

Only those with the highest business intelligence will thrive in today’s challenging environment.


  • 70% of all Revenue Cycle Complexity is created inside the practice and external to the billing process!


  • 22% of all Revenue Cycle Complexity is created by payers!


  • 4% of all Revenue Cycle Complexity is created by systems used (EMR, PM, Clearinghouse)!


  • 4% of all Revenue Cycle Complexity is created by billing errors!
  • Practice data solutions provides a novel approach to solving the root causes of the pervasive problem of unnecessary Revenue Cycle Complexity (“RCC”). RCC is created throughout the entire realm of Revenue Cycle Management. Every source of RCC affects the time it takes for the medical biller to complete her/his process and because of this fact, the medial biller should be the most comprehensive source of RCC data.
  • AI, RPA, Workflow Management, BI Data Aggregation Tools all address the effectiveness and efficiency of RCM processes in their own way. At Ascend, we believe the best solution for reducing the negative impact of RCC is one that leverages and maximizes the intelligence of the most powerful tool ever created, the human brain.
  • Practice Data Solutions is creating an entirely new data set that can be leveraged to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire RCM function. Through PDS we are quantifying the RCC contribution of every RCM function and system; patient registration, verification of benefits, authorization management, credentialing, clinical documentation, every task in the billing process, billing software applications, clearinghouses, payer errors and payer communications.
  • We are creating national norms and benchmarks for every task and process in the RCM function. Our clients know how well all their RCM processes are performing against their revenue cycle objectives and as compared to national norms. The more PDS is adopted throughout healthcare, the more powerful PDS data becomes. PDS is EMR and PM Systems agnostic and can enhance the RCM performance of any specialty in healthcare.


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